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A New Milestone!

Unexpected Company Chorale has reached its first milestone, one year of managing a solid performing nonprofit organization. I am thrilled by the results and especially thankful for the dedication put forth by its members. 

Under the guidance of the UCC Board, not only have we successfully raised funding to keep the organization going, but we have also increased our choir membership, filled our performance space to capacity for our very first concert as an independent organization, and were awarded our first grant. All of this together allowed us to purchase more music, cover our advertising and marketing costs, and even gave us the ability to purchase choir equipment so that we can perform at different venues throughout the community.

We owe our deepest gratitude to the businesses, the foundations, and to our individual supporters who so graciously donated money to keep our mission moving forward. We enjoy coming together as a group to perform a wide selection of choral music; our community is an important part of our journey and we are so blessed to be a part of it.

Look for our performances at the upcoming Karl Oscar Days and Harmony in the Park events this summer. We enjoy singing together and are thrilled to be a part of giving back to the community.

Thank you,

Kelly Morin, President

UCC Board

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